MasterHeat Heated Flooring




Electric Indoor Master Slab Heating

Enjoy the comfort of heated concrete floors:

SlabHeat is engineered with the capability to produce enough BTUs to heat a slab, the space, and the surface people walk on.

Regardless of size, shape, or thickness, SlabHeat is the way to provide heat to just about any environment. SlabHeat can cover one large area or zoned into smaller areas to control heat when and where it is wanted.

Consider these benefits of Master Slab Heating:

  1. Maintenance-free.
  2. No vents or duct work, silent heat.
  3. Comfortable, even heat without the drying effects of forced air heating.
  4. Efficient - warmth at your feet.

Features of Master Slab Heating Cable:

  1. The polyurethane outer jacket offers:
    - superior flexiblity
    - abrasion and tear resistance
    - impact resistance - resiliency
    - better low temperature stability than the PVC used in other products.
  2. Reliable, durable design.
  3. Tough - engineered to handle the rigors of concrete installation.
  4. Engineered by a company with decades of experience in hydronic and electric radiant floor heating.

Note: Final installation require the Master Slab Heat cable to be located no more than 2" below the finished surfave of the floor. Mesh/grid can be set on chairs to accomplish this.

SlabHeat - no shoes required
Enjoy the comfort of heated contrete floors
Easily Staple MasterHeat mats under the floor

Master Slab Heat is specifically engineered to handle the typical concrete pour. Each coil of cable can be installed on either 4" or 6" centers, ensuring even the most challenging spaces can be heated.

120Vac and 240Vac Cables
120Vac and 240Vac Cables


Cable can be installed over an existing slab in a "slab cap" or in a new slab. Insulation is recommended to improve efficiency and to improve response time.
Places to use Master Slab Heating:
  • Home
  • Bathroom
  • Foyer
  • School
  • Gymnasium
  • Home gym
  • Sunroom
  • Washroom
  • Barracks
  • Mud room
  • Indoor courtyard
  • Raquetball court
  • Shower facility
  • Animal containment
  • Stable
  • Barn
  • Hen house
  • Machine shop
  • Auto shop
  • Backyard play house
  • Garden studio
  • Cabana
  • Art studio
  • Addition
  • Detached garage
  • Attached garage
  • Carriage house
  • Refrigerated warehouse
  • Basement floor

slab heat

slab heat

Master Slab Heat Controls are offered in non-programmable and progrmmable models. An integral relay system is offered to control larger systems. These dual-voltage controls sense floor or air temperature, have built-in GFCI portection, and energy-saving technology. All three controls are ETL listed in the USA and Canada.

See our MasterHEAT Electric Controls page for more information

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